Monday, February 7, 2011

Fabric stack

Here is the flannel I found for such a great deal the other day!!! I have enough for 4 very sweet baby blankets, which I will be sending to "Calling All Angels"


chrisnbri said...

Very cute fabric Cheer I'm sure they will really appreciate them!

Olivia said...

Ok I guess its been a while since I've looked at this blog. You have made some amazing stuff. I love the Teepee you made for your kids. Do they LOVE it? Where do I begin... the baptism dress is BEAUTIFUL and all the other things. I love the new pillow and I love the camera straps you made. Hopefully yours were received better than mine. You have such great taste in fabric and are so talented. I love it all. I wish I had a little more motivation to sew. Maybe if I get rid of my TV I'd have an hour a night to work on things. :)