Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rice Heat Pack

I decided to make a rice heat pack for each of my kiddos for Christmas. So here is the first one...finished. Yes I have started on Christmas.  I  began by putting  a few drops of Essential oils in with the rice, stirred it up and let is set for a few days.  This made it smell wonderful.  

We recently moved from California to Missouri.  The winters are so much colder here.  I think the kids will enjoy heating these up and laying them over their cold tootsies or hands.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

little apron

The kids school is doing a fundraiser with baskets.  So each class has a theme for their basket. Like my daughters 3rd grade class was assigned "Snack Time" and my preschoolers is "Cooking With Children".  Each child is supposed to donate something to go into the basket that coordinates with the theme and then they will auction them off.  So I decided to make a little apron for my son to contribute.  I was hesitant on measurements so I went searching the web.  I found this darling tutorial for a child's reversible fat quarter apron.

I wanted to try and use up something out of my fabric bin.  I needed something that could be worn by either a girl or a boy.  Here are the scraps I found.  I used the measurements she has posted for the fabric and also the idea for the button.  I used fabric for the ties instead of ribbon and I didn't do the pocket or the trim.    So we switched it up a bit but it turned out pretty cute.

Halloween bat pillow

Just started decorating for Halloween around here.  I made this cute bat pillow.  Then we painted the big tall black branch as well.  We have lots more to do but its starting to look like Halloween.