Monday, September 16, 2013

Easter Dress

My daughters obsession with turquoise has been going on for a while.  Back before Easter I began making a YELLOW dress. This yellow dress was supposed to be my daughters Easter dress to wear on Easter Sunday.  She saw me working on it one night and explained to me that yellow did not remind her of spring.  The yellow I had chose was bright and vibrant like a dandelion.  I loved it but clearly she did not.  So I asked her what her idea was and she said something pastel.  Ok, well what color of pastel?  Turquoise... and here is what we came up with.  I never got pictures back at Easter so I had her put it on so we could document our Easter creation.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A dress fit for a wedding and a brides headband

My sisters wedding was getting closer and closer.  My daughter begged me to make her a dress in one of the wedding colors.  I finally broke down a week before and ordered this fabric online.  I told my daughter that if it got here before we left I would make her a dress.  We were planning to leave on a Tuesday night.  The UPS man delivered the precious fabric Tuesday afternoon and I had to keep my word.  

This is a simple knit maxi dress.  What makes it fun is the long, braided tie that wraps around and around then over her shoulder.  I was unsure what my daughter had in her mind as far as "a dress to wear to the wedding"  But this is what I came up with while she was in school.  I got
lucky...she loved it!

The sash that my sister used with her wedding gown was this same peachy, blush color.  
I also worked with my sister in creating the headband for her wedding.  She found one online very similar that she wanted but didn't want to pay the price ($400)  Outrageous, I know.  Waiting to get more views of it from her Photographers.

Girls Maxi skirt

We found this colorful fabric and fell in love.

I think my daughter was drawn to it because it has teal in it which happens to be her obsession right now.

Anyway we made a simple maxi skirt and we both love the results.  With all the colors in this skirt we are left with lots of options for tops to be worn with it.