Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Christmas Dress

Before we moved from California I made one last stop at Eddies Quilting Bee to scan the fabric and to pick up both of my machines that I had them service.  In their hidden room upstairs, where most of their apparel fabrics are, I found this beautiful cream silky fabric with small brown stars on it.  I fell in love and knew it had to become a beautiful Christmas dress.  I checked for a price and all I could find was a tag that said "IMPORTED FROM ITALY"  My eyes filled with $$$ signs as I began to tell myself, "Put it back on the shelf it will be to expensive.  I ignored the argument I was having with myself and quickly took it to the young girl at the cutting table.  As I handed the bolt of fabric to her I explained that I didn't see a price anywhere.  She did a quick search herself and still had no price.  She looked at me and said, "How about $8.99 a yard."  I tried to control my excitement as I asked for 2 yards.
Most of their cotton fabrics start at $10-$12.99 per yard.  In my mind I scored an awesome deal that I would be bragging to my friends about for months.

Anyway, here is what that beautiful 2 yards of creamy, silky fabric with small stars became.
The hem starts out short in the front but gets longer as you follow it around to the back.  It has more of an open back that is held together with a small braid and the gathered ruffle at the waist leaves it with  a girlish feel.