Thursday, September 12, 2013

A dress fit for a wedding and a brides headband

My sisters wedding was getting closer and closer.  My daughter begged me to make her a dress in one of the wedding colors.  I finally broke down a week before and ordered this fabric online.  I told my daughter that if it got here before we left I would make her a dress.  We were planning to leave on a Tuesday night.  The UPS man delivered the precious fabric Tuesday afternoon and I had to keep my word.  

This is a simple knit maxi dress.  What makes it fun is the long, braided tie that wraps around and around then over her shoulder.  I was unsure what my daughter had in her mind as far as "a dress to wear to the wedding"  But this is what I came up with while she was in school.  I got
lucky...she loved it!

The sash that my sister used with her wedding gown was this same peachy, blush color.  
I also worked with my sister in creating the headband for her wedding.  She found one online very similar that she wanted but didn't want to pay the price ($400)  Outrageous, I know.  Waiting to get more views of it from her Photographers.


Jen said...

It's so fun to see your sewing. I miss meeting with you every month. :)

Looks like Esther that got married. Very cool.

Heidi Goodman said...

Oh amazing as always!