Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Baptism Dress

My daughter got baptized in January.  We both loved how her Christmas dress turned out but we wanted to make just a few changes.  We wanted more of an over-sized key hole in the back instead of having the open back.  We decided to have the key hole be tied closed instead of the braided fabric closer.  We did a lace overlay on the bodice of the dress and we loved the idea of having accordion pleated chiffon for the the skirt of this dress.   

I was unable to find the accordion pleated chiffon at any fabric store.  I was way past having enough time to order it from an online provider.  Lucky me, I was walking through Sears and hanging on the rack in front of me was a womens accordion pleated chiffon skirt.  The only size they had left was a large.  So I purchased it with lots of excitement.  But how would I take it in and hem it into a High-Low hem like we wanted?  Could I do it without it raveling to pieces?

But we made it work and we were both pleased with the results of our creation.

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Johnson Family said...

Wow, that is a gorgeous dress Cheer! You are a very talented girl. I hope all is well out there and you guys are feeling settled. I also hope Liberty had a beautiful and special experience on her baptism day.