Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Christmas countdown

I have always wanted a nice advent calendar. This year I finally made one. I am so excited to string it up and fill the little triangle pockets! I just cannot wait! Love all the earthy colors and was so excited about some of the trims I found. Each triangle is lined to make a nice pocket.

I used 3 different sizes of triangles. The small triangles will be filled with small pieces of candy. The other two sizes will be filled with a more exciting surprise. Here are just a few of my ideas.

I will put a bell in one with a note about The Polar Express. That night before bed we will make time to watch the movie.

In another one I will place our gingerbread man cookie cutter with a tag that says we will be making and decorating gingerbread cookies that day.

I found this cute, very small, Nutcracker that will be in a pocket and that night we will read the Nutcracker story.

Here is a fun one I found at Michaels. Magic Reindeer Food!

Tell me how amazing this over-sized key is. I found it at Pier One Imports with all their Christmas ornaments. This will be placed in the pocket for the 24th. I am attaching a tag that says "SANTA'S KEY". Christmas Eve they can hang it on the outside door handle so Santa can get in. We don't have a chimney so he will need a way in.


dixonfamily said...

LOVE IT!! I love the neutral colors and I love the great things inside!! Your kids are going to be so excited for each day! The key is such a fabulous idea!
You are so creative. Last year you made ornaments, which if I remember correctly will go so beautifully with this advent calendar. I wish i could see it in person.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Olivia said...

that turned out great Cheer. I love all the little things inside. I need to make an advent calendar that is more than just a count down. Its more exciting for them. Love yours.

chrisnbri said...

That is soo cute Cheer and what fun ideas to put inside!!!