Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School

I'm back! I kind of took the summer off. Today my daughter is back at school. The first day of first grade. Here is her back to school look.

We found the cute little black and gray T at Wal-mart for $3.88. I appliqued this fun little polka-dot apple on the front and went to work on the little capris to match.

My daughter and I both love the way they turned out. I had a lot of fun designing the cute little back pockets and also the front pockets.


Ben and Heidi said...

darling- so fun

Andrea said...

Very cute! I'm featuring this on Make It Wear It at this week!

shorty said...

Super cute!!!

Olivia said...

Aww I see now what happened to the skirt. You made some cute pants. I'm a little behind... like a month. I love the owl onesie too.